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ARBOR Summit Wheels

The Summit is Arbor's technical downhill wheel; an offset design that utilizes Arbor's Groovetube core for a rare balance of grip and drift performance. A leaf-spring sidewall and mid-angle lip work together to create the rebound and power needed to consistently hug the road.

71mm / CP 56mm / OS 2.5mm / 78a


Tootekood: 71W78-4blu
Kaubamärk: ARBOR

65,00 €

Sul võimalus toode tagastada 14 päeva jooksul.

Tasuta transport
Eestis üle 50€ ostu puhul.
Euroopas üle 250€ ostu puhul.

- Size: 71mm
- Contact patch: 56mm
- Offset: 2.5mm
- Durometer: 78a
- Groovetube core
- Sugar Formula

The Sucrose Initiative was developed to bring together rider based design, performance across a wide range of conditions, and an effort to start reducing our reliance on petroleum based materials.

Arbor’s new Sugar Formula significantly improves performance and creates one of the longest-lasting wheels on the market.  The natural component also reduces, in a small but important way, the petroleum footprint of our wheels.  This lessens the environmental impact of urethane left on the roads when skating, especially during slides.

Arbor’s new Groovetube core has a wider, “tube” profile that allows the wheel to hold its shape, deliver improved contact with the road, and perform at speed through slides, in corners, and even during landings.

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