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To High Places by Narrow Roads.
Since ‘95, The Arbor Collective has been a growing cooperative of designers, artists and friends, whose shared goal is building rideable and wearable things from the best stuff possible. From day one, it’s been good times, all day, every day, almost without fail. Along the way, we’ve managed to combine a little forward thinking design and old school craftsmanship, with a serious commitment to the environment.



We started the skateboard division in 1998. For years we had been turning old snowboards into skates to bomb hills when snow and surf was hard to find. We rode at odd hours and freaked a few people out. In the end, those late nights launched a program that now offers a huge range of shapes for all types of skating. As you would expect, materials, shaping, art, and design all come together in the same tradition as our snowboards. Arbor Skateboards – handmade, quality woodcraft.



For us, the desire to protect the planet comes from time spent out in the environment – on the hill, in the surf, on the road. This compels us to design responsibly whenever and wherever possible. Since day one, it has been the inspiration behind the brand – give back, plant trees. The Latin name for tree is Arbor. To that end, a portion of every sale is donated to groups that plant trees. Today our principal partner is Hawaiian Legacy Forests. We are committed to supporting their efforts to restore forest ecosystems in Hawaii. Hawaii just happens to be where it all started. Click here to learn more and check out